October 16, 2013

Standards explained

All Portwest products are tested to the appropriate international standards including ISO, ANSI, EN and more. Where required, Portwest products are rigourously and independently tested and certified by accredited test houses and notifying bodies.

But what do the standards actually mean? We’ve made some simple videos to explain them.


EN 471

The European Standard for high-visibility clothing

EN471 explained


EN ISO 11611

The standard for protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

EN ISO 11611 explained


EN ISO 11612

The standard for clothing to protect against heat and flame

EN ISO 11612 explained

Want to see how this standard is tested?
Watch the video of EN ISO 11612 testing here


EN 1149

The European Standard for clothing to protect against dangers caused by static electricity

EN 1149 explained


EN 388:2003

The European Standard for gloves which protect against mechanical risks

EN 388 explained