May 6, 2014

Portwest through the years

As you know, it is Portwest’s 110-year anniversary this year, an event which we plan to celebrate in November.

We would like to produce a Portwest “Back through the years” mini-photobook, documenting photos of Portwest events, staff, occasions, customers etc etc – Recent and old photos are welcome, the older the better.

Please have a look through your files and see if you can dig out any good photos.

[button size=”large” color=”#f36f21″]Deadline  31/05/14 [/button]

Please upload photos using the form below. Names are important, so please either add your captions in a Word document and upload it, or type them into the box in the form. 

Maximum File Size is 2mb, please reduce your file size if needed. you can upload up to 5 images in one go.
Any problems with uploading contact

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